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Sand Springs

The Sand Springs Property is located 42 kilometres southeast of Fallon in Churchill County, Nevada. The claims are on BLM land with no surface impairments. The property is on the western end of the Sand Springs Mining District. The first discoveries in the district date from 1905 and production peaked around 1919. Estimated total historic production to date is approximately 21,000 oz Au and 1.2M oz Ag. Work on the Sand Springs Property dates from the 1930’s when small high-grade mining occurred. This persisted intermittently until the early 1990’s. Pegasus Gold staked and drilled the property in 1992-1993, completing 13 shallow drill holes. Best results were 3.05 m @ 4.8 g/t Au and 9.05 m @ 0.77% Cu from separate drill holes. The property was subsequently staked and explored (but not drilled) by Newcrest and Miranda Gold. Silver Range staked the property in 2021.

The property is underlain Triassic through Jurassic volcaniclastics, limestone and basalt. These rocks are intruded by a northeast-striking Jurassic / Cretaceous granite to granodiorite with a source likely 200-300 m below surface and two apophyses which reach surface. There is widespread gold-copper skarn mineralization and intrusive-hosted gold-quartz-tourmaline vein mineralization on the property. Surface sampling by Silver Range to date has returned up to 1.5 m @ 10.1 g/t Au from a chip sample and up to 3.50% Cu from a grab sample, both of gold-copper skarn mineralization. Grab samples of the quartz tourmaline vein material have returned up to 2.94 g/t Au.

Geological mapping, rock sampling and airborne total magnetic field surveys have been completed on the property. They define four settings in which gold mineralization is present on the property. Silver Range believes the project is ready for drill testing.

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