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Black Star

The Black Star Property is located 82 km NW of Lovelock and 33 km ENE of Gerlach.  The property is accessible by 4WD trails branching from the Trego Road 3.1 km west of the property.  The property currently consists of 4 Federal lode claims covering the principal showings and workings. 

Exploration, development and mining at Black Star apparently predate the 1930’s although there are no records in the older Pershing County geological bulletins.  Workings on the property consist of a hand-constructed road, shafts, adits, a load-out dock and foundations for a small crushing and sorting plant.  There are no evident drill holes on the property.   The property was staked from 1992 through 1990 / 2009 by Getchell Gold Corp. and Platoro West Inc. (Silver Predator).

The property is underlain by Permo-Triassic metavolcanics, intruded to the south by Triassic to Jurassic granite to granodiorite.  The metavolcanics rocks are cut by north trending shears and faults, the most prominent of which is exposed in a creek bed and adjacent canyon walls.  Intense tourmaline alteration along fractures and in breccias occurs near the master fault or shear together with quartz veining.  Gold mineralization is hosted in an array of north-trending quartz veins and breccias, individually up to 60 m long and more than 1 m wide, near a flexure in the fault on the west side of the creek.   Gold is associated with sparsely to heavily disseminated pyrite, galena, chalcopyrite and tetrahedrite.  Initial grab sampling on the property returned grab samples up to 18.95 g/t Au from a waste dump specimen and chip sample results up to 0.5 m @ 19.60 g/t Au from the brow of an adit.  Results of a trial soil sample survey suggest there may be additional veins in the covered interval between the inferred master fault and the known mineralization. 

Silver Range intents to conduct high frequency electromagnetic field surveys and soil geochemical surveys on the property to define and extend the known mineralization.  This would be followed by trenching to define drill targets.

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