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Sand Springs

The Sand Springs Property is located 42 kilometres southeast of Fallon in Churchill County, Nevada.  The claims are on BLM land with no surface impairments.  The property is underlain Triassic through Jurassic volcaniclastics, limestone and basalt.  These rocks are intruded by Cretaceous granite to granodiorite plugs and dikes which outcrop in irregular bodies and are capped by Tertiary rhyolite and basalt.  Gold associated with disseminated sulphides appears in both stratigraphically and structurally controlled settings on the property.   Pegasus Gold drilled 12 shallow reverse circulation holes on and near the property in the late 1990s but did not release results.  Initial sampling by Silver Range returned up to 10.10 g/t Au from a 5-foot chip sample of gossanous material in a shaft dump with 4 of 28 samples collected returning greater than 5 g/t Au.  During May 2022, Silver Range conducted additional sampling and property scale geological mapping; results are pending.

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