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The Roughrider Property is centred at 37° 18’N 117° 32’ W, approximately 53 km southwest of Goldfield in Esmeralda County. The property can be reached by road with a 4x4 vehicle via the Tule Canyon Road. The property consists of 12 claims staked in Sections 27, & 28, Township 7S, Range 40E.

Mining in Tule Canyon dates from prior to 1848 when Mexican placer miners first began work in the area. Tule Creek was “rediscovered” in 1876 and placer mined intermittently from then until recent times with a major period of activity during the 1930’s. Hard rock production is not documented in this portion of the mining district. In 1907, Henry Stimler constructed a three-stamp mill at Roosevelt Springs in the eastern portion of the Roughrider Property. Adits and shafts on the main mineralized structure may date from this period. The Roughrider Property covers a portion of the former Eagle and Wedge Claims. Mine workings on this property were described in a 1974 Sunshine Mining Company report authored by R.A. Forrest as consisting of a “1625’ adit, 150’ shaft, 250’ shaft, 100’ shaft, 600’ adit with hundreds of feet of sublevels and stopes off both the shafts and adits.” The early historic workings have been partially obliterated by more recent mechanized excavation in a 300 m long zone in the southwest portion of the property. A small heap leach operation run on the property likely dates from this period. There is no evidence of drilling on the property. Silver Range staked the Roughrider Property in the fall of 2020; conducted soil sampling, geologic mapping and sampling in 2021 and staked additional claims in early 2022.

The Roughrider Property is underlain by Jurassic Sylvania Pluton granodiorite, cut by steeply-dipping N veering NE trending structures hosting mineralized veins and breccia within shears. Mineralization is clearly exposed along a 360 m interval in the northeast portion of the property. Here a steeply north-dipping, ENE-trending structure hosts silver-gold mineralization. The host shear is highly clay-altered and contains quartz veinlets with limonite, hematite and notable yellow-green pyromorphite, mimetite or freedite. Silver and gold mineralization appears to report with these Pb-Cu-As oxides. The shear has been explored with adits and shafts along its length. A cut was taken out with a bull dozer where the structure ran along a hillside slope and apparently trucked, stacked and leached in small pad below the hillside. Grab samples from the workings here have returned assays up to 4,320 g/t Ag and a 20 cm chip sample across the back of the uppermost adit returned 632 g/t Ag and 1.17 g/t Au. A composite grab from the leach pad returned 801 g/t Ag and 8.09 g/t Au. Only reconnaissance sampling has been conducted to date in the southern half of the property but this has returned up to 1,420 g/t Ag from ten samples. Silver Range intends to conduct additional prospecting, geological mapping and hand-trenching at Roughrider to determine the full extent of the mineralized system.

Silver Range intends to conduct additional prospecting, geological mapping and trenching at Roughrider to determine the full extent of the mineralized system.

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