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The Roughrider Property is located near west of Roosevelt Well in Tule Canyon, Sections 27 & 28 T7S R40E in Esmeralda County.  The property has seen activity since at least the early 1900’s when Henry Stimler, one of the discoverers of Goldfield, worked the property.  He built a 3-stamp mill, exploiting a nearby well together with a small settlement of several buildings in the area.  The property was worked intermittently thereafter with reports of operations there in the early 1950’s.  Mine workings on the property were described in a 1974 Sunshine Mining Company report authored by R.A. Forrest as consisting of a “1625’ adit, 150’ shaft, 250’ shaft, 100’ shaft, 600’ adit with hundreds of feet of sublevels and stopes off both the shafts and adits.”  The early historic workings have been partially obliterated by more recent mechanized excavation in a 300 m long zone in the southwest portion of the property.  Government reports suggest the host shear and intermittent mineralization may extend over a distance of at least 1 km from the southwest showings to Roosevelt Well.

The Roughrider Property is underlain by Jurassic Sylvania Pluton granodiorite cut by steeply-dipping NE trending structures hosting mineralized veins and breccia within shears.  At the principal workings, Forrest’s report described veins occupying a central 5-foot-wide vein with numerous auxiliary structures extending over a strike length of 3000 feet.   The early historic workings have been partially obliterated by more recent mechanized excavation in a 300 m long zone of more intense exploration.  This mineralized structure may extend to as far east as Roosevelt Well based on government geological reports.  Mill tailings cover an area of approximately 3,600 m2 and might contain 8,000 to 12,000 t of material.  A grab sample of mill tailings collected by Silver Range returned 40.9 g/t silver and negligible gold.   

Highly oxidized quartz veins were locally exploited in the most intensely explored southwest area.  These are up to 0.5 m wide where exposed at surface with mineralization likely extending into the wall rock as stopes up to 3.0 m wide were excavated on 0.3 m veins.     Grab sampling at two locations in this area by Silver Range returned up to 4,320 g/t Ag and 3,530 g/t Ag and a chip sample from the back of an adit returned 0.2 m @ 632 g/t Ag.   Silver Range intends to conduct a program of soil sampling and geophysical surveys followed by trenching and underground exploration to evaluate the mineralization at Roughrider and define drill targets.

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