Silver Range Resources Ltd.




The Strongbox Property is located in Tule Canyon, 55 km southwest of Goldfields in Esmeralda County. The property consists of 8 Federal Lode Claims centred on Tule Canyon and covering mineralization on the east and west sides of the canyon.

Placer mining in Tule Canyon dates from 1848 when Mexican placer miners first began work in the area and has continued until recent times. Numerous occurrences in the walls of the canyon along the length of the creek were mined on a small scale although no hard rock production is documented in the Tule Canyon Mining District. Mineralization on the Strongbox Property consists of medium crystalline quartz veins with hematite, limonite and Mn oxides near surface. Unweathered portions of the veins contain pyrite, chalcopyrite and grey argentiferous sulphides. Veins occur as individual structures and as part of anastomosing, braided networks. On the west side of Tule Canyon, strong red-white clay alteration is developed between veins over tens of metres.

During an initial property visit in 2016, gold mineralization was mapped over an area of approximate 400 m x 300 m straddling the canyon. One vein system on the east side of Tule Canyon has been mined over a strike of approximately 200 m in several 30 m high stopes. Nine of 19 surface grab samples collected by Silver Range returned analyses greater than 1 g/t Au with best results of 13.6 g/t Au, 17.5 g/t Au and 27.1 g/t Au. Underground sampling returned best results of 1.49 g/t Au from one of three samples collected from the back of drifts near stopes.

Silver Range intends to systematically explore the property with prospecting, geological mapping, soil geochemical surveys and geophysical surveys (HLEM / magnetics) to identify shallow drill targets.